GST Updates


(Date: 03/04/2023)

GST Amnesty Scheme for reduction in Annual Return and Final Return Fee, Extention in revocation of registration etc.

(Date: 31/12/2022)

Summary of various circulars issued on 27.12.2022

(Date: 30/09/2022)

Amendments in GST applicable w.e.f. 01.10.2022

(Date: 28/07/2022)

GST Rate changes in Goods w.e.f. 18.07.2022

(Date: 25/07/2022)

GST rate changes in Services other than Works Contract Service w.e.f. 18.07.2022

(Date: 22/07/2022)

GST Rate changes in works contract service w.e.f. 18.07.2022

(Date: 01/07/2022)

Major Decisions of 47th Council Meeting held on 28.06.2022 and 29.06.2022

(Date: 24/12/2021)

Summary of various notifications dated 21.12.2021 applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2022

(Date: 01/06/2021)

Major decisions of 43rd Council Meetings dated 28.05.2021

(Date: 01/05/2021)

Summary of various Notifications issued by GST Council dated 01.05.2021

(Date: 03/02/2021)

Analysis of GST Budget 2021

(Date: 27/01/2021)

Summary of notification issued by GST Council on 22.12.2020 effective from 01.01.2021

(Date: 07/01/2021)

QRMP Scheme : Applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2021

(Date: 17/09/2020)

E-invoicing applicable w.e.f. 01.10.2020

(Date: 27/06/2020)

Summary of various notifications issued by GST Council on 24.06.2020

(Date: 09/04/2020)

Summary of various notifications issued by GST Council on 03.04.2020

(Date: 16/03/2020)

Major decisions of 39th Council Meeting dated 14.03.2020

(Date: 04/01/2020)

Recent changes under GST via various notifications between 23.12.19 to 31.12.19

(Date: 18/12/2019)

Applicability of E-invoicing and QR Code under GST Basic Provisions

(Date: 17/10/2019)

GST – Summary of various notifications

(Date: 07/10/2019)

37th GST Council Meeting Decisions notified on 30.09.2019 effective from 01.10.2019

(Date: 10/09/2019)

Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme, 2019

(Date: 06/07/2019)

Indirect Tax Budget, 2019 Proposals

(Date: 06/07/2019)

GST – Summary of various notifications in June 2019

(Date: 20/03/2019)

34th GST Council meeting on Real estate

(Date: 15/02/2019)

GST Amendment Act, 2018

(Date: 29/01/2019)

GST – Summary of various notifications

(Date: 10/01/2019)

32nd Council Meeting Key Announcements

(Date: 31/12/2018)

GST – Summary of various notifications

(Date: 22/12/2018)

31st Council Meeting Key Announcements

(Date: 28/03/2018)

GST – Summary of various notifications

(Date: 10/03/2018)

GST Key Announcements

(Date: 16/02/2018)

General Advisory on refund of Export

(Date: 15/11/2017)

GST Amendments

(Date: 24/10/2017)

Notification on Merchant Exporter

(Date: 13/10/2017)

GST Effective date of Key Announcements

(Date: 06/10/2017)

GST Key Announcements

(Date: 31/07/2016)

Time limit for Excise Registration & payment of duty for Jewellers extended up to 31.07.2016

(Date: 26/07/2016)

Notifications and Circulars dated 26.07.16 for Jewellery Industry

(Date: 13/07/2016)

CBEC Press Release dated 13.07.2016 for Jewellery Industry

(Date: 06/06/2016)

Notification prescribing extent of payment of service tax by a business entity as a recipient of services provided by senior advocates.

(Date: 01/06/2016)

Applicability of Krishi Kalyan Cess W.e.f. 01.06.2016

(Date: 01/06/2016)

Effective rate of services tax after implementation of KKC on the services covered under Abatement Scheme

(Date: 01/06/2016)

Direct Tax amendments applicable w.e.f. 01/06/2016

(Date: 20/05/2016)

CBEC Press Release: Formation of Subcommittee for levy of Central Excise on Jewellery

(Date: 23/04/2016)

Extension of time limit to take registration for jewellery manufacturers